Paul Vantieghem

Vantieghem Talebi / Switzerland & US / Founding Partner

Paul Vantieghem is a founding partner of Vantieghem Talebi; an international architecture and design practice dedicated to the betterment of design environments of all sizes and things of beauty. The partners run their eponymous design practice from Los Angeles, USA and Basel, Switzerland.

Vantieghem Talebi focuses on treating space, structure and skin as one body, while redefining existing materials and typologies through a novel approach. The studio’s realized work includes the recently completed House of Cards project in Belgium where structure and envelope are nearly simultaneously formed through prefabrication techniques and material development strategies.  Amongst other projects currently under development is The Stack, a tower in Dallas Texas along the Trinity River floodplain; reprogramming urban living through a typological stack.

Paul graduated from Sint-Lucas School of Architecture in Ghent (Belgium) and later studied architectural theory at the Katholic University Leuven (Belgium). Subsequent to his studies, Paul began working with Stéphane Beel Architects, realizing several projects during his time there, including the Courthouse in Ghent. He then went on to join the architects’ practice of Herzog & de Meuron (Basel, Switzerland). He worked, amongst other projects, on the Tate Modern Extension in London before joining the Bordeaux Stadium. As an A associate, Paul was the Project Manager for the realized Bordeaux Stadium, leading both design development and technical construction aspects.

In addition to those collaborations, Paul has also planned and built his independent projects for 20 years. He is registered with the Order of Architects in Belgium.


Photo credit: Logan White

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