Erik Behrens OPAL Jury Member AECOM

Erik Behrens

AECOM / UK / Senior Director / Creative Director

Erik Behrens is one of the emerging architects under the age of 45 who’s visionary creativity and designs have stunned royal families and high-end developers around the world. He heads up an award-winning Design Studio in the US technology corporation AECOM. His studio’s work is signified by ambitious designs, many defying traditional architectural conventions.

Across his work, he harnesses technology as a tool to unleash creativity and to create intriguing projects that make people engage more with their environments. His recent work includes: an Oxygen Park that is an antidote for indoor gyms, a high-altitude Skypark that enables new ways to enjoy our cities, a hotel residential tower that redefines the relationships between fashion and architecture and one of the world’s biggest pieces of public art that forms a Gateway from the past to the future.

Prior to AECOM, he worked with renowned architects such as Prof. Alex Wall (KIT), Ma Qingyun (Mada s.p.a.m.) and Rem Koolhaas (OMA). He has lectured and exhibited internationally including at the Venice and Shenzhen- Hong Kong Biennale and has directed research and design studios at the KIT in Germany. He is a subject matter expert for The Times Academy and a regularly invited design critic at Universities including the Bartlett School of Architecture, Harvard GSD and AA London.


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