To define in which capacity your project should enter is simple:

1. First select which Discipline:

/ Architectural Design
/ Interior Design
/ Property Development

2. Then, select its related Category from the list below:
/ Agricultural
/ Apartments / Condominium
/ Commercial / Manufacturing
/ Commercial High-rise
/ Commercial Small
/ Educational / Institutional
/ Exhibition / Cultural
/ Healthcare / Leisure / Spa
/ Historical
/ Hospitality / Restaurants / Bars / Venues
/ Hotels & Resorts Big
/ Hotels & Resorts Small
/ Hotels Boutique
/ House Interior
/ Infrastructure
/ Landmarks / Symbolic structures
/ Landscape / Outdoor Spaces / Gardens
/ Mixed-Use
/ Other Architectural Design
/ Other Interior Design
/ Other Property Development
/ Prefab Development
/ Public spaces / Memorials
/ Redevelopment / Restoration
/ Residential High-rise
/ Residential Low cost
/ Residential Low-rise
/ Residential Multiple Units
/ Residential Single
/ Retail / Department Stores / Mall
/ Retail Small
/ Showroom / Sales Office
/ Social Housing / Serving Society
/ Sustainable / Green Living
/ Transportation
/ Workplaces


I feel truly honoured to receive the award from OPAL. In addition to a great personal satisfaction, it is a professional recognition for my whole team and company comprised by many young people. I wish good luck to all future designers who will participate in OPAL, a positive way to evaluate our work done with great commitment and professionalis.

Caterina Cairoli,
Lead Designer,
Hangzhou Palace Interior Design

It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the OPAL. It is so important for our industry to celebrate and reward creative and outstanding craftsmanship to keep raising the bar. The quality and large number of entrants proves OPAL has already established itself as one of the top awards of its kind.

Erik Behrens,
Creative Director,
Design Studio Lead,
AECOM Architecture