To define in which capacity your project should enter is simple:

1. First select which Discipline:

/ Architectural Design
/ Interior Design
/ Property Development

2. Then, select its related Category from the list below:
/ Commercial, High-Rise
/ Commercial, Low Rise
/ Commercial Retail, Department Stores, Mall
/ Cultural
/ Educational, Institutional
/ Environmental, Sustainable
/ Healthcare
/ Hospitality; Restaurants, Bars, Venues
/ Hotels & Resorts, Big
/ Hotels & Resorts, Small
/ Hotels, Boutique
/ Industrial spaces
/ Landmarks, Symbolic structures
/ Landscape, Outdoor Public spaces
/ Leisure
/ Memorials, Public spaces
/ Mixed-Use
/ Office / Work environment
/ Other Architectural Design
/ Prefab homes
/ Rapid Deployment Housing, Disaster Relief
/ Redevelopment & Renovation
/ Residential Low cost
/ Residential, High-Rise
/ Residential, Low-Rise
/ Residential, Multiple units
/ Residential, Single
/ Transportation Yacht, Maritime, Aviation
/ Other


The quality of projects that were submitted this year, in all categories, is a true reflection of the boundless creativity that our industry is famous for. As a result, OPAL has emerged as a prestigious international award that celebrates mind-blowing and functional design, which will inspire designers and architects around the world to reach new heights.

Hamish Kilburn,
Hotel Designs,

I am honored to have won three awards with OPAL. For more than 20 years, I thank the organizer, my clients and my team for this award. I’m glad that our design is recognized on the international stage, and also hope more Chinese designs will appear to showcase our culture.

Miaoyi Jiang,
Vice President of Design Research Institute,
Suzhou Gold Mantis,
Construction & Decoration