OPAL Award winner benefits

Benefits of the OPAL Award


Give your projects the global recognition they deserve

The most outstanding property projects around the world arise from a unique combination of talents that reinvent and push the boundaries of design and architecture to its limits. Sharing and celebrating these best practices is pivotal to support the industry. OPAL also embraces projects created with sustainability in mind.


An industry-wide networking platform

OPAL offers an omnichannel platform creating synergies within the Interior Design, Architecture and Property Development sectors, creating introduction and networking opportunities for everyone involved.


Raise awareness of your Outstanding projects

Raise your awareness and give the exposure your outstanding projects deserve to an audience of leading industry experts. Be noticed and rewarded leveraging business opportunities and take full advantage of the invaluable marketing potential an OPAL award deliver to your organisation. A proof-in-hand that your work is amongst the very finest in the industry. It is an invaluable tool to acquire new business as a direct result of winning the Award.



Each winner receives the following:

  • Winners Seal to promote your Award, a PDF for local printing.
  • Winners Certificate. A PDF for local printing is available from the user account, respecting the environment.
  • Complimentary Invitation to the Awards ceremony in London. Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation all Farmani Group events have been postponed until further notice.
  • A permanent online profile on the winners’ page
  • Indefinite right to use the OPAL logo

OPALs ‘Three industry approach’ provides a unique and exclusive platform for peer-to-peer introductions across the interrelating industry sectors. Property Developers are introduced to leading talent within Interior Design and Architecture, and vice versa. Each project entry is anonymously peer-reviewed by the OPAL jury panel comprised of leading industry talents. Entries are assessed independently on their merit and not competing directly against other entries.


Click here to submit your Outstanding project.

The quality of projects that were submitted this year, in all categories, is a true reflection of the boundless creativity that our industry is famous for. As a result, OPAL has emerged as a prestigious international award that celebrates mind-blowing and functional design, which will inspire designers and architects around the world to reach new heights.

Hamish Kilburn,
Hotel Designs,

I feel truly honoured to receive the award from OPAL. In addition to a great personal satisfaction, it is a professional recognition for my whole team and company comprised by many young people. I wish good luck to all future designers who will participate in OPAL, a positive way to evaluate our work done with great commitment and professionalis.

Caterina Cairoli,
Lead Designer,
Hangzhou Palace Interior Design