Winner 2023 / PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT / Residential Multiple Units

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  • Project Title

    Nikko Kerreos

  • Winning Firm


  • Lead Designer

    Sen Huang

  • Awarded

    WINNER, PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, Residential Multiple Units
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  • Project Location
    Koror, Palau
  • Project Status
  • Client
    Alan R. Seid
  • Photographer credit
    Benjamin Tsou

  • Developer Firm info
  • Development Company

  • Other Credits

Palau, with its 340 islands, is a beautiful country in the Western Pacific. Since gaining independence in 1994, Palau has attracted tourists and invested in urban development. This project aims to create a charming space based on the interpretation of "Floating Island in the Sunlight" in Palauan. The design showcases the natural scenery and uses curves and geometric elements. The site's beauty is enhanced by the sea and mountains. Day and night, the space is adorned with lights, creating a legendary beauty of nature, culture, and architecture.

Credits: Benjamin Tsou