Winner 2023 / PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT / Residential Multiple Units

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  • Project Title

    The Forestias Signature Series

  • Winning Firm

    Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited

  • Awarded

    WINNER, PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, Residential Multiple Units
  • Project Location
    Samut Prakan, Thailand
  • Project Status
    Under development

  • Developer Firm info
  • Development Company
  • Company Short Biography
    Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) operates on the principle ‘For All Well-Being’. It means we strive to provide the best life not only for humankind but for all living beings. Our residential and mixed-use developments are built with innovative, sustainable, and safe materials. Our record shows that our standards are never less than award-wining. OUR VISION: - To be a leading and innovative global property developer fostering sustainability and well-being for all.

  • Other Credits

The Forestias Signature Series has 44 floors with only 122 exclusive residences. This “vertical living” design focuses on space, with just 4 units on each floor. The “Private Lift Lobby” ensures you and your family enjoy privacy and calm. Each residence suits modern family lifestyles, in both its living space and activity areas. Design focuses on effective use of space, meeting every lifestyle need of all generations in your family.

Photo Credit: Chutikarn Benjalert