Winner 2023 / INTERIOR DESIGN / Hospitality / Restaurants / Bars / Venues

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  • Project Title

    Restaurant Mayak

  • Winning Firm

    Seven Studio

  • Lead Designer

    Yurii Yumashev

  • Awarded

    WINNER, INTERIOR DESIGN, Hospitality / Restaurants / Bars / Venues
  • Project Link
  • Project Location
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Project Status
  • Completion Date
    September, 2018

  • Interior Design Firm
  • Interior Design Firm / Studio
  • Lead Interior Designer(s)
    Yurii Yumashev
  • Other design Team Members
    Yurii Cherebedov
  • About the interior design firm
    Seven studio is a design company established by Yurii Yumashev in 2003. We create restaurants worldwide for 20 years and do our best to create every next project better then we made before.

The Mayak restaurant is located on the banks of the Dnieper River and has its own lighthouse and yacht pier.
In the spacious hall of the restaurant there are two bio fireplaces, creating a cozy atmosphere and adding warmth to the interior.
The restaurant's interior uses natural finishes, including brass and ash veneer. Brass adds shine and luxury to the interior, while ash veneer adds warmth and naturalness. Sofas in an azure shade create associations with water and give the interior a freshness and marine atmosphere.
This is a landmark among restaurants

Photo Credit: Yurii Yumashev