Winner 2023 / ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN / House Interior

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  • Project Title


  • Winning Firm

    Gerbilsky Wainberg Architects

  • Lead Designer

    Luciano Gerbilsky and Sandra Wainberg

  • Awarded

  • Project Location
    Valle de Bravo, Mexico
  • Project Status
  • Completion Date
    April, 2023
  • Photographer credit
    Hector Velasco Fascio

  • Architectural Firm
  • Architect Firm / Studio Name
  • Lead Architect(s)
    Luciano Gerbilsky and Sandra Wainberg
  • About Firm
    Since our beginnings, the investigation of the site, of its environment, of the individuals, of the materials, has been our mantra. It is reflected, through the different processes to achieve the best possible result in each of our projects. With given Project and thanks to the different achievements obtained in them, we grew and improved until our present where we achieved a design level of maximum detail in both our architecture and interior design, carrying out completely custom projects.

  • Other Credits

This luxury holiday home was shaped by both the architect’s vision and the clients’ preferences. Located in the scenic Valle de Bravo, this home takes full advantage of its unique location by offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The property provides an elevated living experience with all the amenities that one could desire.
An ode to tranquility and good tase, this home is a
beautiful reminder that we can co-exist with our surroundings
without sacrificing comfort and luxury.

Credits: Hector Velasco Fascio