Winner 2022 / INTERIOR DESIGN / Apartments / Condominium

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  • Project Title


  • Winning Firm


  • Lead Designer

    Aleksandra Maklyakova, Nikita Ryazhko, Boiko Valeriа

  • Awarded

    WINNER, INTERIOR DESIGN, Apartments / Condominium
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  • Project Location
    KYIV, Ukraine
  • Project Status
  • Completion Date
    August, 2021
  • Photographer credit
    Andrew Shurpenkov

  • Interior Design Firm
  • Interior Design Firm / Studio
  • Lead Interior Designer(s)
    Aleksandra Maklyakova, Nikita Ryazhko, Boiko Valeriа
  • Other design Team Members
    Dmitry Babanin, Vladislav Matsiura, Vladimir Fil, Alina Pichugina, Sviatoslav Maksiuk
  • About the interior design firm
    IQOSA is a Kyiv-based interior design studio operating worldwide. Our philosophy is simple: we create a perfect design, be that a city apartment, private house, or commercial space. Our style is eclectic: we're known for a functional and original mix of different styles. Our promise to the clients? To provide custom design solutions that would reflect the resident's individuality and highlight unique architectural features

IQOSA, a Kyiv-based design studio from Ukraine, considers the interior as an essential element of personal style and taste. This three-level penthouse is an example of how a dwelling can reflect them.

During this project, we were guided by the idea of finding a visual balance between unexpected, unusual, and classical in terms of forms, materials, and textures. Our task, however, was to make this balance fit the clients’ lifestyle and requirements for the contemporary home, which in the current situation happens to be everything at once: a temple, an office, a party space, and a guest hall.

Credits: Andrew Shurpenkov