Winner 2020 / ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN / Commercial, Low-rise

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  • Project Title

    Ivy Office

  • Winning Firm

    NG Architects

  • Lead Designer

    Navid Ghandili

  • Awarded

    WINNER, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, Commercial, Low-rise
  • Project Location
    Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Project Status

  • Other Credits

Office building as a second home is an issue that I want to mention it. In the design of Ivy office building, by considering the presence of users in their working place in most hours of the day, I have achieved a different quality. Design of this building delivers an environmental concept to the observer. Located in a site of 620 m2. If we want to consider the whole volume as a rectangular cube with a concrete shell, wood in the form of ivy is rotated on the façade from inside the cube. The combination of concrete, wood and curtain wall is used in the façade.

Art is an independent language without border; Converting subjectivity into objectivity, is one of the arts that the NG Architects company has established to create spaces beyond imagination for audiences. We focused on conceptual architecture that incorporates knowledge, creativity and art to create a meaningful design.

Credits: Architect Navid Ghandili