Winner 2019 / / Residential Single

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  • Project Title

    Arizona Courtyard House

  • Winning Firm

  • Lead Designer

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  • Company/Firm
    Optima Dchglobal, Inc.
  • Lead Designer
    David Hovey Jr., Aia
  • Firm Name
    Arizona Courtyard House
  • Firm City
    Scottsdale, Az
  • Firm Size
    Small Firm (less than 10 employees)
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Arizona Courtyard House is a pavilion constructed with a system of standardized Corten steel structural components. The home demonstrates the flexibility of this sustainable building system to create a house of linear volumes, arranged to define a courtyard, with the house to the south and east, a fitness center and lap pool to the north, and mountain views to the west. The house is an open plan, based on a 7’ x 7’ modular system with columns spaced at 21’ on center. The two-way structural framing system allows for extensive cantilevers. The home was built in under five months.

Credits: Arizona Courtyard House | Bill Timmerman