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  • Project Title

    Whale Bay House

  • Winning Firm

  • Lead Designer

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  • Company/Firm
    Optima Dchglobal, Inc.
  • Lead Designer
    David Hovey Jr., Aia
  • Firm Name
    Whale Bay House
  • Firm City
    Scottsdale, Az
  • Firm Size
    Small Firm (less than 10 employees)
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Located on a ridge overlooking Whale Bay in Kerikeri, New Zealand, Whale Bay is approx. 5,000 square feet with an additional 2,100 square feet of floating decks that blend seamlessly into the bluff and the natural environment when viewed from the coast. It is designed with a simple, flexible, sustainable building system that is adaptable to a broad range of climates and terrains. This architectural solution sits lightly on the land with cantilevered floors that minimize site disruption. A distinctive connection to nature is achieved by dissolving the division of interior and exterior space.

Photo Credit: Optima Dchglobal, Inc.