Platinum 2019 /

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  • Project Title

    Vanke Fengxi Linquan Ecological Residential Area

  • Winning Firm

  • Awarded

    PLATINUM AWARD, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, Sustainable / Environmental
  • Company/Firm
    Tengyuan Design
  • Lead Designer
    Huang Jian, Chu Yuliang, Sun Bo
  • Firm Name
    Vanke Fengxi Linquan Ecological Residential Area
  • Firm City
  • Firm Size
    Large Firm (49+ employees)
  • Project Link
  • Project Status
    In Progress
  • Client
    Qingdao Vanke Real Estate Co., Ltd.

The intention of the architectural scheme is to create a new ecological living experience through the design, catalyzing the new living mode. Breaking through the previous splicing mode of residential design, the two households connect with each other through the super large scale shared air garden, transforming the dark and blocked elevator hall into the bright air park at the beginning, combining with "nano thermal blanket", "eggshell thermal insulation system", "real-time infiltration" and other technical guarantees, providing a public ecological social platform for the neighborhood.

Credits: Tengyuan Design