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  • Project Title

    Goethestraße 1

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  • Company/Firm
    Gronych + Dollega Architekten
  • Lead Designer
    Peter Gronych + Yvonne Dollega
  • Firm Name
    Goethestraße 1
  • Firm City
  • Firm Size
    Small Firm (less than 10 employees)
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Our goal was to transform a very strict development plan into a serene, powerful and location-independent architectural form, while the existing trees should become part of the whole.

The architecture develops its own sensitive scale to the landscape and the built environment.

The aim was to define generous relationships between inside and outside on the small property with valuable trees and the given building scale. The play of light and shades of the trees as well as the reflections of the water surface in front of the glazed facades create intense room atmospheres.

Peter Gronych + Yvonne Dollega are German architects headquartered in Wetzlar, Hessen, Germany.
The office's work is characterized by an experimental search for the specific constructional form. Lighting, space and the building body are examined based on the architectural concept and developed further using work models, resulting in a unique architecture form matching the location with a high spatial quality: The focus is on people with all their senses and emotions

Other prizes
2020 - The International Architecture Award 2020 - winner, USA 2019 - The International Architecture Award 2019 - winner, USA 2018 - The International Architecture Award 2018 - winner, USA 2019 - Good Design Award 2019 - winner, USA 2019 - Muse Design Awards 2019 - platinium, USA 2019 - The Architecture MasterPrize 2019 - winner, USA 2017 - Green Good Design Award 2017 - winner, USA 2017 - Green Good Design Award 2017 - winner, USA 2017 - DAM Prize for Architecture - nominated, GERMANY 2017 - A'Design Award 2017 - gold, ITALY 2016 - iF Design Award 2016 - winner, GERMANY

Credits: gronych + dollega architekten