Winner 2019 / / Residential High-Rise

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  • Project Title

    Optima Kierland Center

  • Winning Firm

  • Lead Designer

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  • Company/Firm
    Optima, Inc
  • Lead Designer
    David Hovey Jr., Aia
  • Firm Name
    Optima Kierland Center
  • Firm City
    Glencoe, Il
  • Firm Size
    Large Firm (49+ employees)
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Optima Kierland Center is a 9.5-acre mixed-use residential development located in Phoenix. The architecture is a 21st century urban solution to residential design. The vibrant undulating façade with perforated panels and sunscreening louvers creates shade and shadows, voids and textures. The vertical landscaping system provides sun protection and privacy to each unit. This innovative system with self-containing irrigation and drainage enables a palette of vibrantly colored plants to grow up and over the edge of each floor of the building.

Photo Credit: Optima, Inc