Honorable Mention 2020 / INTERIOR DESIGN

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  • Project Title

    Homage to Alexander McQueen - Dark exhibition hall of violence aesthetics

  • Winning Firm

    Shanghai PanYue architectural design office

  • Lead Designer

    Pan Yue

  • Project Location
    Shanghai, China

  • Interior Design Firm
  • Interior Design Firm / Studio
    Shanghai PanYue architectural design office
  • Lead Interior Designer(s)
    Pan Yue
  • About the interior design firm
    Shanghai panyue architectural design office was established in 2007 by Mr. Philip, a famous senior interior designer in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, it aims to build a space with perfect function and form, and is committed to researching the originality and independence of interior design.

The collision of red and black, dark color throughout the whole design, this is not just a design of the exhibition hall, this is a "feast" to pay homage to fashion and art

Photo Credit: Tracy Qian