Honorable Mention 2020 / INTERIOR DESIGN

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  • Project Title

    Glorious aquamarine villa

  • Winning Firm

    SunIDEA Interior Co., Ltd.

  • Lead Designer

    Dan Lee

  • Project Location
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Project Status
  • Completion Date
    January, 2020

  • Other Credits

In view to reproduce the magnificent scenes that the golden sunshine and azure sea generate on the earth, the design team exploits the assorted and natural elements, moreover, by means of the colorful light and shadow changes to manifest rich gradations and captivating delights.

Accordingly, by way of the superb craftsmanship to overcome the difficulties of the design scheme, moreover, ingeniously utilize the contemporary materials to bring about an admirable yet low-profile residence of Oriental aesthetic style.

SunIDEA interior design has cultivated the ideas of spatial-aesthetics for over 20 years. We adhere to the profile of "sunshine"-devote attentively to bring about the warmth and bright layout of every project that entrusted by the customers, moreover, ingeniously creates the sincere and captivating circumstance for the property owners.

Comply with the configure notion of the homeowners; whether the unfinished beauty of Wabi-Sabi term or the exquisite finishing of upscale pattern, SunIDEA is experienced of manifesting the extraordinary features of the space.

Other prizes
2012 Dulux Colour Award, Redidential Space - Bronze Award 2012 Daikin Award, Redidential Space - Bronze Award 2013 Taiwan NAID, Redidential Space - Gold Award 2014 Daikin Award, Redidential Space - Excellent work 2016 ASIA DESIGN AWARD 2016 Dulux Colour Award, Redidential Space - Excellent work

Credits: SunIDEA Interior Co., Ltd.