Small OPAL Trophy

Each year OPAL hands out 3 gold & brass trophies to the coveted “Designs of the Year”, the three overall winners. As a new initiative, other winning categories, “Platinum Winners”and “Winners” and “Honorable Mentions” who receive a certificate including the win-ners benefit package, but not a physical trophy, are now able to purchase a smaller OPAL Trophy to cele-brate their win. It is also an opportunity to for winning design companies to present a trophy to their clients and alike as a physical symbol of their acheivement.

We have only a limited number of trophies available and will be sold on a first come served bases.

It stands 20cm tall and comes in a beautiful branded presentation box and weight 2.6 kgs box.

Note: You will need to provide your winning project ID to complete the purchase.

The cost of the trophy is USD 350 + intl. shipping. Click here for estimated world wide shipping costs.





The quality of projects that were submitted this year, in all categories, is a true reflection of the boundless creativity that our industry is famous for. As a result, OPAL has emerged as a prestigious international award that celebrates mind-blowing and functional design, which will inspire designers and architects around the world to reach new heights.

Hamish Kilburn,
Hotel Designs,

It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the OPAL. It is so important for our industry to celebrate and reward creative and outstanding craftsmanship to keep raising the bar. The quality and large number of entrants proves OPAL has already established itself as one of the top awards of its kind.

Erik Behrens,
Creative Director,
Design Studio Lead,
AECOM Architecture