Winner 2021 / ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN / Commercial Retail, Department Stores, Mall

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  • Project Title

    Shimao 52+ Minimall

  • Winning Firm

    Atelier DYML

  • Lead Designer

    Josh Goh

  • Awarded

    WINNER, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, Commercial Retail, Department Stores, Mall
  • Project Link
  • Project Location
    Qingdao, China
  • Project Status
  • Completion Date
    June, 2020
  • Client
    Shimao Commercial

  • Architectural Firm
  • Architect Firm / Studio Name
  • Lead Architect(s)
    Josh Goh
  • Other Team Memebers
    Liang Hua, Mingzhi He, Dali Xu, Meng Lu
  • About Firm
    Atelier DYML is a multidisciplinary and international architectural design firm founded in 2015 in Shanghai. We are a group of passionate designers with unorthodox thinking seeking unique design concepts and creative solutions.We have the knowledge and experience to strive for economic &social viabilities in our design, especially in complexed mixed use and urban renewal projects. We strongly believe that an outstanding architecture design is an assimilation of its time, place, and people.

52+ Minimall is positioned as both a community center and a retail center, which is aimed to provide a socializing and gathering destination for residents in a high-density housing development in Qingdao, China. From a macro perspective, we suggested a ‘Town Center’concept which allows our retail center to grow and connect to the surrounding retail parcels, gradually forming a center for the whole development in the future, an extension of the living and social space which caters to the different needs of the community of all age groups 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Credits: Vincent Wu