Winner 2020 / INTERIOR DESIGN / Hotels, Boutique

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  • Project Title

    Concept Design Nowa Marina Gdynia

  • Winning Firm

    Robert Majkut Design (RMD)

  • Lead Designer

    Robert Majkut

  • Awarded

    WINNER, INTERIOR DESIGN, Hotels, Boutique
  • Project Location
    Gdynia , Poland
  • Project Status
  • Client
    Nowa Marina Gdynia Sa

  • Interior Design Firm
  • Interior Design Firm / Studio
  • Lead Interior Designer(s)
    Robert Majkut
  • Other design Team Members
    Elżbieta Madej
  • About the interior design firm
    Robert Majkut Design (RMD) was founded in 1996. Initially, our efforts concentrated on architectural branding projects,as well as product and graphic design,Over many years, the studio has established many standards for market sectors and various project methodologies while conceiving ground-breaking and globally acknowledged solutions from entertainment to finance.Our worldwide portfolio includes projects retail office, service design, banking, showrooms, hotels, bespoke furniture, pianos etc.

Nowa Marina Gdynia was created as a concept of the place in 2016. The hotel’s interior design is an attempt to create an interesting story to tell. The project includes material solutions, individual design concepts for furniture, and a collector's piano with unique lighting. The identification of the interior was designed consistently with the aesthetics of the place and historical background set in the style of Gdynia modernism. The hotel composes of: entrance lobby with a restaurant and a long bar, women's and men's styles rooms, a wellness area with a pool and a business area.

Credits: Design: Robert Majkut, Photo: Nate Cook