Winner 2020 / INTERIOR DESIGN / Commercial Retail, Department Stores, Mall

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    Design Apartment

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    WINNER, INTERIOR DESIGN, Commercial Retail, Department Stores, Mall
  • Project Location
    Zhengzhou, China

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  • Interior Design Firm / Studio
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  • About the interior design firm
    Our design comes from the enthusiasm toward life, Vital, simple, Asian In our series project, It strongly reveals the color of the area, merging them into the concept of interior architecture. Emotions expressed through the material. Time recorded by the shades. Born in Asia, initiated from the East. Tell the story of space with the most profound humanities. In designs, there are filled with living humors Emphasize on natural,clear and original design to represent future space

Da Vinci was the first scholar I met and he told us how to reorganize and deconstruct everything.” The design concept incorporates all that into the design technique of exhibition space and creates a spatial experience full of artistry and ritual for the exhibition center with the exquisite craftsmanship.

Photo Credit: Tracy Qian