Winner 2020 / ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN / Commercial, High-Rise

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  • Project Title

    Guangzhou Fengsheng 101

  • Winning Firm

    GWP Architects

  • Lead Designer

    Guowei Zhang

  • Awarded

  • Project Location
    Guangzhou, China
  • Project Status

  • Architectural Firm
  • Architect Firm / Studio Name
    GWP Architects
  • Lead Architect(s)
    Guowei Zhang
  • About Firm
    GWP Architects started work on urban and architectural design in Boston in 2012. The core team established a Hong Kong and Guangzhou company in 2015. GWP has been adhering to the obsession of exploring design from the beginning of its creation. With the philosophy of “poetic habitat” and “win-win strategy”, we convey the design ideas from the fusion of China and the West; think about the depth and breadth of design from research, seek the best solutions from exploration...

The project includes a wide spectrum of programs such as hotels, office spaces, apartments, and retails.
Through the relationship between two mutually-supporting building volumes and the core embedded within them, and with precise control of the aspect ratio of both the building and the core, the overall structural stability and wind resistance are enhanced at the same time as floor areas are efficiently used to generate fully-spanned space from north to south.

Photo Credit: Tracy Qian