Winner 2020 / ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN / Commercial, High-Rise

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  • Project Title

    I&M Bank Offices Kigali

  • Winning Firm

    Planning Systems Services Limited

  • Lead Designer

    Jim Archer and Trevor Andrews

  • Awarded

  • Project Location
    Kigali, Rwanda
  • Project Status
    Under development
  • Client
    I&m Bank

  • Architectural Firm
  • Architect Firm / Studio Name
  • Lead Architect(s)
    Jim Archer and Trevor Andrews
  • Other Team Memebers
    Mumo Musuva, Mutua Mugambi and Michael Kinyumu
  • About Firm
    We are an architecture, land use planning and urban design firm founded in 1978 whose capability is driven by an understanding of the power of design to create inspired human experiences through sustainable and vibrant spaces. With our client’s values and aspirations, each project is conceived to harness opportunities of the project site and its context while being sensitive to the practical dynamics that drive its economies modifying skylines in the process

  • Other Credits

The project is a landmark in the heart of Kigali. 6 detailed design proposals were completed before settling on the final design. The brick exterior was inspired by the excellent brick industry in Rwanda and expertly built by ROKO who have years of experience building in brick in Uganda.
The atrium diffuses quality natural light and ventilation to the floors whose balcony accesses give maximum subdivision pliancy-useful in a city where businesses wanting to rent may not be big enough to fill a floor. The roof is a massive solar energy harvester and rainwater catchment area.

Credits: A computer rendered view of the completed building with roof garden views across the city and countryside