Winner 2020 / ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN / Leisure

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  • Winning Firm

    ARCHLAB by Polina Nozdracheva/ALPN Ltd.

  • Lead Designer

    Polina Nozdracheva

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  • Project Location
    Klin district, Russian Federation
  • Project Status
    Under development
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    Confidential Information

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Holistic architectural project unites all equestrian objects & reveals functional identity of each. Extended facades of arena & stables directed to central core. Hexagon building as precious emerald rests in golden frame-necklace of other blocks. Wall triangles decorated with scattering bright glass. When approaching, it turns into crystal lantern. Curved white wing highlights main entrance. Crystal structure is main element of interior space, where environment perceived through transparent web. Interiors continue wooden facade structures, adjusting elements to more proportionate human scale.

Polina Nozdracheva is CEO of ALPN Ltd., Chief architect and part of World's Leading Designers. ArchLab by Polina Nozdracheva based in Moscow, Russia. ALPN Ltd. - WDC member. Creating of various scale and level projects realize in accordance with effective regulations and quality standards. A lot of ALPN's projects taking part in large-scale exhibitions and competitions, awarded prizes and diplomas. High professionalism, international level and obligation of respecting precious client`s time resources characterize the company methods most closely. ALPN works with knowledgeable clients.

Other prizes
GOLD WINNER 2020, MUSE Design Awards, Architectural Design cat/USA; SILVER WINNER 2020, MUSE Design Awards, Sport & Recreation cat/USA; GOLD AWARD 2020, A'DA&C, Architecture, Building, Structure Design cat/Italy; SILVER AWARD 2019, A'DA&C, Architecture, Building, Structure Design cat/Italy; THE BEST project of Social Infrastructure 2018, Built Sport Object cat/RU; BRONZE AWARD 2017, A'DA&C, Architecture, Building, Structure Design cat/Italy; IPA, Europe Property Awards 2016/17, Leisure Architecture & Architecture Multiple Residence cat/UK; Quality architecture-2018,2015,2013,2011,2010/RU,etc.

Credits: EMERALD by ALPN Ltd.