Winner 2019 / Architectural Design / Residential Single

Villa in Tromsø

  • Company/Firm
    Snorre Stinessen Architecture
  • Lead Designer
    Snorre Stinessen
  • Firm Size
  • Firm City
    Tromsø, Norway
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A single family villa in the city of Tromsø on a unoccupied slanting site enjoying panoramic views towards the sea and the mountains in the west, but in an urban area which demands a conscious design to not only embrace views and the movement of the sun, but also enhance privacy. The design utilizes the natural height differences in the terrain to ensure the main floor with living room and kitchen/dining area enjoy the beautiful view and still stay within the height regulations in the area. The entire building is set to float above ground accessible only via the entrance that forms a bridge.

Photo Credit: Snorre Stinessen Architecture