CITIC Tower (China Zun)

  • Company/Firm
    Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates
  • Lead Designer
    Eugene Kohn
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  • Firm City
    New York
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CITIC Tower’s design draws inspiration from the “zun”, a ritual vessel originating in Bronze Age China. In profile, the tower abstracts and refines the zun’s vase-like form, balancing composition and articulation with structural requirements and leasing depth needs. In plan, the building is square with rounded corners; its width transforms vertically from its 78-meter-wide base to its 54-meter-wide “waist” to its 69-meter-wide top. Broader at its base than its crown, the tower combines its iconography with infrastructure that supports the building’s integrity in China’s greatest seismic zone.

Photo Credit: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates