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Genyuan Marriott Building Courtyard Hotel

  • Company/Firm
    Goldmantis Shanghai Design Institute
  • Lead Designer
    Miaoyi Jiang
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The project is located in Yinchuan city, China, the city like a great orchard under Helan mountain which has the same scenery of regions south of the Yangtze River”. Since ancient times, it has been known as The Great Wall Jiangnan, and is an elegant city in the northwest. Here, there are the vast and long Helan mountains, the time-honored Western Xia culture, and the fresh and natural scenery beyond the frontier. Genyuan Marriott building is the first Marriott group hotel brand to open in Yinchuan, the purpose of the service is to meet to the business people customized services...

Photo Credit: Goldmantis Shanghai Design Institute