Winner 2019 / Interior Design / Retail / Department Stores / Mall

Nanjing Merchants & Yongning House Sales Office

  • Company/Firm
    Dayan Associates Design Consultants Co.,ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Hui Ouyang
  • Firm Size
  • Firm City
    Room104,10th Building, No.650 Shunqing Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
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“Constructing” is extracted as a design term for the project. The symbolic element of city wall is disintegrated and refined into the key words of pattern, void and solid, light and shadow to interpret the visual, spatial and spiritual etherealness. Functional requirements are followed and an intensive and flowing integrated layout is achieved. “For integrated presentation of various spaces, restraint is exercised in design methods and material selection. The jointing method is used to inlay refined metals into columns and decorate wall lamps.

Photo Credit: Dayan Associates Design Consultants Co.,ltd