Winner 2019 / Interior Design / Commercial


  • Company/Firm
    Kris Lin International Design
  • Lead Designer
    Kris Lin
  • Firm Size
  • Firm City
    13th Floor, Qianjiang Business Plaza, 111 Yili South Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
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The project is sales center of residence area.We introduced the philosophical thought in the oriental culture of Square Sky and Circle Earth.The overall exterior wall is square and facing the sky while a circle mould facing the earth is made in the interior space which forms the concept of Square Sky and Circle Earth.40 types of circles in different sizes are applied to form the overall interior space layout.The sand table in the center of the building is the biggest circle in the whole building.A main light is set in the big circle in the center of the building.

Photo Credit: Kris Lin International Design