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  • Project Title

    Ru Garden · Enterprise Mansion of Science and Technology City, Nantong

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  • Company/Firm
    Shanghai Pcd Architecture&interior Design Co.,ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Li Jian
  • Firm Name
    Ru Garden · Enterprise Mansion Of Science And Technology City, Nantong
  • Firm City
  • Firm Size
    Large Firm (49+ employees)
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“The greatest happiness is with courtyard in the house, villa in the garden, courtyard in the villa, tree in the courtyard, sky on the tree, and view in the sky!”
The leisure and elegant wealthy courtyard written by Lin Yutang is the residential wisdom of oriental settlers for thousand years, and is even the unreachable dream of modern people living in concrete forest for longtime.
“Stand on the culture and live in the poetry”. The work of PCD design combines the spirit of modern life with the structure and language of ancient residence, travels through poetry and environment...

Photo Credit: Shanghai Pcd Architecture&interior Design Co.,ltd