Winner 2019 / Architectural Design / Landscape


  • Company/Firm
    Rand Design Associates
  • Lead Designer
    Yinan Ren
  • Firm Size
  • Firm City
    Huangpu District, Shanghai
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Guanyun Mountain Villas are located at the southern foot of Baohua Mountain and sit in the eye of Baohua, backed by a 4A national forest park and close to the east of Huangkeng Reservoir, and surrounded by mountains on three sides and lakes on one side. The overall direction of the site is from bottom to top, and the maximum height difference is about 20 m. The overlay villas are viewed from the eye of Baohua. The focus of the design is to express the Oriental Zen of secluded mountain residence, and integrate the Oriental residence's uncut simplicity into the project.

Photo Credit: Rand Design Associates