Honorable Mention 2021 / INTERIOR DESIGN

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  • Project Title

    Yanlaitang (Hall of Skimming Swallows)

  • Winning Firm

    Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co.,Ltd.

  • Lead Designer

    Luo Yufeng

  • Project Location
    Jiaxing, China
  • Project Status
  • Completion Date
    June, 2021

  • Interior Design Firm
  • Interior Design Firm / Studio
  • Lead Interior Designer(s)
    Luo Yufeng
  • Other design Team Memebers
    Xian Haihua, Mao Meifang, Li Luochao
  • About the interior design firm
    Founded in 1993, Gold Mantis is headquartered in Suzhou, China. After nearly 30 years of development, it has formed a modern enterprise group with decoration industry as the main body. With nearly 20,000 employees, it is a green, environmentally friendly and healthy public and home decoration industry group. The Group's Gold Mantis Decoration is a listed company in The Decoration industry in China, which has been rated as the No.1 of China's Top 100 Decoration by China Decoration Association...

Reintegrate the moving lines and functions of the ancient building's internal tubular beams, brackets, courtyards and cloisters...... Both have been modestly used contemporary design techniques to maintain this rare historical atmosphere.