Winner 2021 / ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN / Residential, High-Rise

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  • Project Title

    Xi’An Fengdong Starry Future Mixed-Use Development

  • Winning Firm

    L&P Architects

  • Lead Designer

    Gang Li, Zhewei Feng

  • Awarded

    WINNER, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, Residential, High-Rise
  • Project Link
  • Project Location
    Xi'An, China
  • Project Status
    Under development
  • Client
    Xi'an Vanke

  • Architectural Firm
  • Architect Firm / Studio Name
  • Lead Architect(s)
    Gang Li, Zhewei Feng
  • Other Team Memebers
    Zhewei Feng, Ling Chen, Jingqi Li
  • About Firm
    L&P Architects gathers design experts from worldwide. We deliver world class design solutions for our clients. The globalized design views and mixed-culture working environment here enable us to generating innovative designs & ideas that out of the box. We dedicated to maximize values of our projects which expertly respond to client and environment needs. L&P Architects fuse together with art, innovation, local knowledge and technology to design and planning for a better future.

“Starry Future” is a mixed-use development, aims to create an open community for future working, living and retail activities. The main tower is a huge container for working and living activities, and the 2-level retail street at ground level is a big community platform for social gatherings. A key word to the design is “Open” – the idea is to create an open community for people to enjoy their life in an open environment, from an open public retail street that welcomes people coming from any direction. Also, with stepping roof terraces that carries green open common spaces.

Photo Credit: Jeans Mok